What is Mink Eyelashes?

There are large scale benefits of various types of mink eyelashes extensions and they mainly give the eyelashes a thicker, longer and a natural appearance. Apart from making them look thicker and natural they make the eyes appear enlarged and open and this helps in drawing the attention of people to the eyes. Those possessing drooping eyelids can always use eyelash extensions because long eyelashes will always make them appear fresher and younger. Since there are a large number of people who do not possess naturally long eyelashes, there are various eyelash products available throughout the market that can serve to be of great help for them. To select the best eyelash product, it is important for a user to remain aware of the eyelash growth tendency. The growth of eyelashes in people is generally affected by genetics and this is very similar to the growth of hair in the human body. There are other factors that influence the regrowth period of the eyelashes such as genetics and hair size that has been lost. It is because an individual is not able to stimulate the growth of his or her eyelashes that he or she may require to use fake lashes in order to get an enhanced look.

Mink EyelashesThe Description of Mink Eyelashes Extensions

Mink lashes are considered to be the most luxurious looking and expensive of all the false eyelashes that are easily available in the market. They are available in the form of both lash extensions and strip lashes that can easily be applied as and when required. it was in the year 1916 when false eyelashes became very popular when D.W. Griffith used first false eyelashes for an actress called Seena Owen in the movie called Intolerance. But this was not taken into notice until the year 1960 it returned into main fashion and were found to be made of synthetic substances. Mink Eyelashes Extensions are basically modern eyelashes and are greatly preferred and used by celebrities who do not like to go for the permanent implants. Mink false lashes are generally made out of mink fur hairs and are brushed simply by the use of live mink by the hands. They do not carry dyes and chemicals and this is the reason why they are very successful in retaining their rich and velvety appearance. It is only because of their rich appearance that all A list celebrities like to wear them. In order to take good care of them, it is important to take them as mink coat. They should not be used while sleeping and they should also not be brought into contact with water. while using them, you should try and remove them in the proper manner and carefully. Store them in the proper place when they are not required and by doing so you can always be successful in preserving them for up to 25 applications.

Cost of real Mink Eyelashes

It will cost somewhere between $100 to $300. This is the amount required to get a complete set in various forms like bejeweled, small clusters and complete strips. You can also avail individual lashes for lash extensions if this option is preferred by you but then you would have to take the services of a professional so that they can be applied in the proper manner. It is also important for you to remain very carefully when you look out for these eyelashes. Do not go for the cheap variety because there are chances of the cheap ones being fakes. Always look out for the strip lashes that are very high in quality and are guaranteed to be hundred percent natural mink fur and this will not disappoint you with the choice that you make. You should always go for the choice of these eyelashes because they have to be applied professionally and therefore there are no chances of getting an ugly and a withered look because of these eyelashes. However, before making the choice a proper review is important to be made.